Do I have to be over 18 to shop with Gunnpod?

Yes. From 1 August 2017, the Tobacco Amendment Act 2016 will amend the Tobacco Act 1987 to regulate all e-cigarettes in the same way as tobacco products. As such, you must be over the age of 18 to purchase our products. We utilise fraud tracking software and undertake age and identity checks on all customers. We may request identification be provided before we continue processing an order.

Only identification that provides photographic proof of age is acceptable. This includes:

– a state government issued Proof of Age card

– a driver’s licence or learner’s permit

– an Australian or international passport.

We DO NOT accept Student IDs. It is against the law to use a fake ID to purchase restricted products. If you are under 18 and you are caught doing this you may be reported to the relevant authorities. You could be fined $233.19 on the spot or be convicted by a court and have to pay as much as $777.30.

If we have requested identification and you do not provide it within 48 hours your order will automatically be cancelled.

Is vaping legal?

Vaping is legal in all Australian states. Some states vary with their legality, though. For instance, it’s not legal to vape with nicotine in your e-liquid in Queensland, and it’s not legal to sell vapes of any kind in Western Australia.

Consult your state’s health department laws regarding what’s legal in your area. These laws change quickly and often as Australian states bring in regulation, so please do your research.

We generally recommend that you do not vape where you can not smoke, and you should be fine legally.

Is vaping safe?

If you’re not a smoker, we generally don’t recommend that you start vaping.

Vaping is used primarily as a smoking cessation method for entrenched smokers. People who have tried other methods of quitting but failed to give up smoking, including patches, lozenges, sprays, medication, hypnotherapy and cold turkey, often find that vaping is the way to go.

Vaping gives many long-term smokers exactly what they need to quit – the hand-to-mouth action of smoking, the inhale of vapour, and the visual exhale of a cloud. This covers the mental hurdle of quitting; adding nicotine into your e-liquid covers the physical cravings, too, however, nicotine can be avoided by many who are simply addicted to the action.

For people looking to quit smoking, vaping is a great option and should be considered.

While we’re not legally allowed to say it’s “safer than smoking”, here’s a report from Public Health England, a government association, which states that vaping is at least 95 per cent safer than smoking. Read the report and make up your own mind. There’s plenty of other independent research out there, too.

What is an e-cig?

An e-cig is an electronic device that heats a liquid into an aerosol which the user then inhales and exhales. These devices consist of a battery, an atomizer and a tank.

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